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  1. Hi, do you mind if I use these lists as examples for the hikers who come hike here by Escarp Adventures and Mt Komati Hiking Trails please? I would like to add it to our website so that hikers can download it.

    • Hi Pieta, you are most welcome to use it. We’d appreciate it if you’d put a link to the document on our site for your clients to download it, but for printing, go wild 😉

  2. Hi can you perhaps help me. I would to know if the hiking trail from Greyton to Mc Gregor (boesmanskloof) is available between the 1st-2nd August 2020.How do I book permits please

  3. Hi Arno,
    Thank you for this list, it is very useful. Can you tell me what the ideal weight of your backpack in proportion to your body weight should be when hiking the Amatola? I understand that there is a lot of climbing up and down, so I assume that the weight should be different than that of a flatter hike.

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