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Lightning safety

Living in the Western Cape has its perks, but I really do miss the thunderstorms of my home turf in the Waterberg (along with thorn trees and proper fire wood) – the smell, the sound […]

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Cape Town Skyline Traverse

Beauty: 5/5 Difficulty: 10/10 (25km long, with a total ascent of 2630m) Technicality: Extremely technical, containing steep, exposed scrambling, difficult route finding and abseiling. *Disclaimer* This route contains multiple sections of very exposed scrambling and abseiling where […]

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Litter in pristine places

The English language assigns an identity to a perpetrator if the hideousness of their act, or crime, is sufficient. For instance, if you commit “murder” you will henceforth be known as a “murderer”. For misdemeanours […]