Everyday Hiking Hero: Anwar Adams


In January 2018, Anwar Adams was out hiking with friends in the Silvermine Nature Reserve in Cape Town when they were attacked by muggers. Anwar nearly lost his life after taking a severe blow to the head. He has made an incredible recovery and we caught up with him to find out more about this tenacious man.

HSA: Name, age, city/town where you live?
AA: Anwar Adams, 54, Cape Town.

HSA: Where and when did you start hiking?
AA: I started hiking at 14 years of age on Table Mountain.


HSA: Who introduced you to hiking?
AA: My Grandfather.

HSA: Your favourite hike/hiking area(s)?
AA: Hiddingh Ascension across Carrel’s Ledge down Ledges and down Newlands Ravine without a doubt would be rated as my all-time favourite hike on Table Mountain. I’ve done this hike 15 times.


HSA: What does hiking mean to you?
AA: Hiking is a healthy outdoor activity that brings one closer to our Creator. You appreciate the wonders of the Almighty. I love the peace and tranquillity when hiking as it feeds my soul.

HSA: Tell us about your motivation for starting Hikers Paradise Adventure Club (HPAC)?
AA: The motivation was to share the beauty of the mountain with others. Individuals do not realise what they are capable of and I love it when I can help them unleash their potential.

HSA: Describe your best hiking achievement/most memorable hike.
AA: Without a doubt, it would be Amatola 2017. It was my fourth Amatola. This hike offers everything one can get in a complete package. What sets this one apart, was the way the team worked together supporting and helping each other and the camaraderie we enjoyed throughout the hike.


HSA: Who is your favourite hiking buddy and why?
AA: My favourite person is the person or group I am hiking with on any given hike.

HSA: Your favourite piece of hiking clothing?
AA: My HPAC t-shirt.


HSA: Your favourite piece of hiking gear?
AA: My Boreal hiking boots and hiking bag (Deuter 65l for multi day and Osprey Stratos day pack).

HSA: Your favourite hiking/inspirational quote OR the best advice you have received about hiking?
AA: My hiking quote would be… ”Hike first and the rest shall follow” and a quote by Pedestris – Andar Encantado “Hiking is the answer – Who cares what the question is”.


HSA: What is your dream hiking adventure?
AA: In South Africa, it’s “Slaying the Dragon” which is also called the Drakensberg Grand Traverse and then internationally I dream of summiting Everest.

HSA: Please give a short testimony of that fateful day in January when the group of hikers you were with was attacked.
AA: I do not remember much about the attack itself, I woke up three days later in hospital on life support. I suffered a cracked skull and fractured spine. I am back into hiking and rock climbing. I was not going to allow the attack to destroy my spirit. Through the support and help of my family and friends I have made an extra-ordinary recovery. My kids were also my main motivation to get my health and life back to what it was before.


HSA: If you could make one change to the local hiking scene that focuses on safety, what would it be?
AA: We should have zero tolerance towards crime. I now serve on the management of Table Mountain Security Action Group that meets regularly with the various role players to make the mountain a safer place for all mountain users.

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  1. Who cares what the question is… Hike on Anwar, your an awesome oke and a surefire slayer of dragons. All strength of purpose in moving forward with your endeavours mochachos.

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