Review: Fire Maple FMS-105

Excellent hiking stove at a great price

Like most newbie hikers, my first hiking stove was a MSR Pocket Rocket: Light, small, almost indestructible…brilliant! The only downside of cooking on a small stove sitting on top of gas canister, is that you constantly feel like you’re at risk of knocking it all over and having your dinner end up in the dirt…

Enter the Fire Maple FMS-105 hiking stove!

It’s slightly heavier and bigger than the pocket-rocket-style gas stoves, but it makes up for it in stability and ease of use. It connects to the gas canister via a hose, so it sits on the ground (low center of gravity). Because it is closer to the ground you can use the standard aluminium windshield which allows you to cook in fairly strong winds with comfort. It has a built in Piezo igniter which is super handy, but after using my windshield, the heat that built up underneath the stove actually melted the igniter.

The other benefit of having a hose-fed stove is that if you run out of gas, you can change out the gas canister without touching your red-hot stove.


WEIGHT: 237g

DIMENSIONS: 174х69.5mm (91.5х59.8mm folded)

INCLUDES: Fire-Maple FMS-105 Gas Stove, Storage Box

I would highly recommend this stove. You can get them from Outdoor Warehouse.

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  1. Hi
    one other benefit of this design is that in cold weather you can invert the canister which effectively turns it in to a liquid fed stove – thereby partially mitigating the reduction in performance that most gas stoves suffer from in cold temperatures.

  2. Fantastic stove. And funny you mention your piezo igniter melting after using a wind shield – mine did the same but I have a separate piezo igniter so I’m not fazed that the built in one does not work anymore. I would also highly recommend this stove.

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