“Feel the sun’s energy.”

Nothing like being caressed with the first / last rays of day… 

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“How can I sit at my desk today knowing that there’s magic like this out there!? I cannot wait to get back into the mountains again. Breathe deeply, stretch my limbs, and feel a little bit wild once more.” 

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“Mountain people are incredible – so friendly, caring and considerate. When going up Kasteelspoort for sunset last Friday, everyone we passed asked if we had headlamps and how far we were going. There are so many good people in this country and lots of them are walking around in the mountain. Thank you mountain people people for being who you are – your rock! 🇿🇦”

📸 and caption @trailfitsa 

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“ @stephanyvmunster ‘s first snow experience. Epic 3 nights in the Hexriver mountains.”

Where did you pitch a tent in the snow for the first time?

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Rockpools to make you drool. Limietberg Nature Reserve is brimming after the rain. 

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The rugged beauty and wildness of the Wild Coast. Multi-day hiking at it’s best.

📸 @backyardhiking 

To read more about hiking the Wild Coast, follow the link in our bio.

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“Drakensberg hike day 1 of 4: layers of mountain; the view from 5 Star Cave”

The gateway to Fangs Pass one of the incredibly scenic spots in the Little Berg as you get swallowed by the Mnweni Cutback. Bucket list stuff. 

📸 @the_colourful_hiker 

To read more about hiking in the Mnweni area, follow the link in our bio.

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A double promise of hope. Rainbows tell us there’s sunshine after the storm, and they’re pretty awesome to look at (even if you don’t attach any meaning to them) 🌈 

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“Greeted by the most incredible sunset as our 5-day hike came to an end.”

📸 @marco_oosthuizen 

To read more about hiking the Fish River Canyon in Namibia, follow the link in our bio.

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Today our hearts and prayers are directed to all those who have suffered loss and experienced great turmoil the last few days. One thing we’ve learned from nature is that it always bounces back. You can burn a mountain a hundred times and green shoots will always reappear. My we all find wisdom, hope, resilience and resolve in this time 🇿🇦 

📸 @wayward_south_africa - visit their profile to read about day 3 and 4 of the magical Mnweni Circuit. 

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“Missing the mountains…

With the incredible day hikes around Cape Town, it’s tough to pick a favorite. But the jaw-dropping scenery on the Panorama Circuit at Jonkershoek – waterfalls, cliffs, and river valleys – definitely make it one of the best!

This was an especially memorable hike with @wouterdvs in late August 2020, with the rugged peaks covered in snow.”

A proper cold front is moving across the Cape mountains today, promising another winter wonderland for those who do not fear the cold. To read more about hiking the Jonkershoek Panorama Circuit, follow the link in our bio.

Edit: please note that Jonkershoek is still closed after the fires; be ready when it’s open again! 

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“Directly above my backpack stands tall and menacingly the Trojan Wall, a beastly vertical rock face that dares and haunts the most adventurous in their sleep. 

At 3354 meters it pre-tells the story of a climber’s day, as directly behind and below it stands a gigantic stone cairn and marker at 3300 meter ASL, at which point a climber has to draw from deep within an insane amount of strength in order to reach their goal.  We hiked to this point in -10°C between 19:00 and 20:30 at night, trying to reach the Summit Cave with wind blowing madly in no particular direction. It is a story I will tell around campfires and braai stands for years to come.”

The best stories happens with an element of suffering and adventure, and lucky is he who has a story to tell!

 📸 and caption @bmabhalane | @tsakane_theoutdoorenthusiast 

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“If you haven't been to Cape Point National Park then you're seriously missing out!

This photo was taken on Dias beach - we were lucky to have the most south western beach in Africa all to ourselves and the couple trillion stays down to it was so worth it!

This forms part of the trial from Cape Point to the Cape of Good Hope.”

Have you ever found a spot that you want to tell everyone about but you don’t want anyone to there? Dias beach is one of those magical, mind-blowing places – please tread lightly there.

 📸 @african.adventurers

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“Crystal Pools hiking trail.

The bigger of the two swimming holes found on this brilliant day hike shout your name during the hot summer days. Surrounded by towering mountainscapes and flora, this is a popular hike amongst the locals. Permits limit the number of hikers per day so best to book in advance.

PS: Don't leave your bags and goodies unattended as there is a troop of baboons lurking about just waiting to make away with your sarmies.”

📸 and caption @am_sportspod 

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“The hike to Waterfall Bluff is probably one of the most scenic routes in South Africa.

The sheer size of this hidden gem is absolutely breathtaking and, the best of all, you can have a drink and snack behind the falls.”

📸 and caption @arnopouwels 

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“With all the recent rain here in Cape Town I decided to go and shoot some waterfalls while doing some training. I really liked this spot as there were lot of elements that I could use.”

Some places are just better to hike when it’s wet - Skeleton Gorge is one of them . Just take care with your footing! 

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“I went up Mafadi, the highest peak in South Africa at 3456 meters above sea level, for the second time. The first time was in November 2019. Mafadi is brutal. The previous time I was less prepared to do it, but this time I was prepared in every way. We went up Corner Pass and went down via Leslie’s Pass in four days. Those who have done it will tell you that this is not an easy way to do Mafadi.
- I was mentally prepared.
- I go to aerobics classes every day.
- I do home workouts.
- I do weightlifting three times or more every week.
- I have the relevant hiking gear for all conditions.
- I eat healthy meals when I do my expeditions.
- My eyes are protected.“
@tsakane_theoutdoorenthusiast giving a good rundown of what it takes to conquer the highest peak in South Africa, with acknowledgment to his suppliers @firstascentsa , @forever.fresh.foods and @30south.co 
Pic @tendanir
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“Nature is the greatest place to heal and recharge”

Have you been getting outside often enough? 

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“Mountains live in "deep time" in a way that we don't. Behind and beyond the mountains stretches aeons to vas for us to comprehend."

Contemplating the untold ages of geological processes that gave rise to and the slow erosion of mountains can really make your brain wobble. Spending time in them however makes you feel right at home - the heart embraces what the mind can't adequately perceive 🇿🇦

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“Can’t wait to explore again realllllly soon!”

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