New hiking trails for Blyde River Canyon

Photo credit: Mia van der Merwe.

The Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (MTPA) has opened two new hiking trials in the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve.

Photo credit: Mia van der Merwe.

The Belvedere day walk is estimated at around five hours and will start at Bourke’s Luck Potholes, head to Belvedere Guest House and then back to Bourke’s Luck.

Photo credit: Mia van der Merwe.

The Waterval trail is a 3-day hike with hikers meeting at Bourke’s Luck before being transported to Paradise Camp. From there, hikers embark on a 3km hike to Waterval Hut where they overnight. Day two takes hikers from Waterval to Clearstream on a 13.5km hike, overnighting at Clearstream. Finally, day three sees hikers enjoy a 13.6km hike concluding at Bourke’s Luck.

Photo credit: Mia van der Merwe.
Photo credit: Mia van der Merwe.

Xolani Mthethwa, Executive Manager for Tourism at MTPA says: “These are self-guided trails and will afford the hiker an opportunity to appreciate the natural wonders on offer at this nature reserve.” He encourages tour operators and guides to explore the trails themselves, so that they can include the new attractions when packaging for tourists looking for adventure-based experiences.

Photo credit: Mia van der Merwe.
Photo credit: Mia van der Merwe.

A third trail is in development and will include the Old Mine, which MTPA is planning to revamp.

The hikes cost R450 per person per day. Contact the MTPA on +27 13 759 5432 or email for bookings.

Photo credit: Mia van der Merwe.

Article originally posted on the Southern & East African Daily Tourism Update


    • We double checked the price with MTPA and it is correct: R450 per person, per day. However, they offer a 30% discount for groups bigger than 5 people.

      • Hi Hiking South Africa. Are you sure about the price and the name of the 3 day option? I took these photos and did a press release about the hike and when I interviewed the Reserve Manager I was told R450 for the entire hike and that it is called the Blyderivierspoort Hiking Trail (as it always has been named).

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