Shoreline of the San

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Shoreline of the San is a “slack-packing” all-inclusive adventure where you focus on the experience, and everything else is provided, from meals to very comfortable guest house accommodation in the quaintest of West Coast settings!

Not only does this unexplored coastline offer pristine beaches, undiscovered coves, caves and even a labyrinth, it also offers hikers the unique opportunity to discover and walk in the footprints of the San and later Khoisan people of South Africa – dating back as far as 30 000 years.

The Shoreline of the San hiking trail is sandwiched between the Berg and the Olifants river and starts at the little town of Elands Bay some 90 minutes’ drive from Cape Town.

This 50km trail, with sleepovers in Elands Bay, Lamberts Bay and Doringbaai, before ending in Strandfontein, meanders through an untouched rocky and mostly sandy coastline.

Hikers will have the opportunity to trek where only a select few have ever hiked before. With special permission and access to private property, Silent Steps is able to offer hikers the untamed beauty of the West Coast whilst having peace of mind that help is close by should they need access to a vehicle.

Most of the historical sites of the San (sometimes referred to as Khoi) are situated on private property and include caves, middens, bushman paintings and a variety of archaeological sites.

Shoreline of the San promises an unforgettable hike with friends, old and new, top notch local accommodation, food, 5-star treatment and first-class information on the San people of Africa. A unique experience with memories and photos to last a lifetime.

To Pack

In your (30 to 50 litre) backpack:
A camera, something warm, a wind- and rain proof jacket, a buff, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and personal items.

In your duffel bag or suitcase, which is transported:
Anything you will need for a luxury hiking experience on the West Coast.

Cost Per Person

R4900 (at time of writing) including all accommodation and meals.

Info & Bookings

For more information and bookings, contact Anette Grobler (Registered Tour Guide and Solo Adventurer):
Cell: 082 903 5445


  1. Your Shoreline of the Sun hiking trail …. will beginners to hiking be able to manage or handle this trail as I see you mention rocky areas. I would love to do this as I’m keen on walking but only do it either on either tar / grass/pavement / sea sand. My husband is jokingly fond of saying that he is from Khoisan…so yes I would love him to take on this experience but I want to join him 🤔😁.

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