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Many hikers have gone through the time-consuming and often expensive exercise of finding the right backpack for their needs. If you’re one of those that’s already done the hard work and found the “ultimate pack”, why not help out the rest of the community by writing a review about your favorite backpack.

We’ve put together a backpack review template to make it easier for you to provide the correct, most useful information. Please add some photos of your pack being used and maybe some detailed shots of elements you feel are worth mentioning.

Download the template here and email the completed version through to

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  1. What are the best backpack brands to look out for? We are going hiking in the Drakensberg this coming month and I am looking for a backpack but I would like to only limit my options to the most trusted brands. I had a look on websites like and takealot but it is so hard to choose without an idea to start with.

    • Hi Anna, in short, the best backpack is the one that fits you the best. You can buy an expensive, high-end backpack that chafes you the entire hike, or a more affordable backpack that you completely forgot about because it’s so comfortable. That being said, the brand I would recommend is Osprey (extremely good quality, amazing suspension systems, well thought out features and a lifetime guarantee!), but also check out Deuter and Naturehike.

  2. Have anyone noticed??
    A simple google search for LITRE and you’ll find the following.

    One litre is the volume of a
    cube with 10 cm sides

    P@##@s me off, when I look at for eg an 20L Day pack, its evident I can just about fit a standard 5L plastic water bottle in the pack,,,what happened to the other 15L?
    Its not just one brand, they all seem to be using compressed air instead of water to measure the volume of their packs, or imagin dangling 5L bottles from clips on the outside of the pack and adding that to the volume, whatever it is.

    1Litre = 10cm cubed,
    Obviously these guys/girls cannot count or measure.

  3. Hi! I recently finished the Otter trail(it was amazing, which is an understatement). Anyway, the backpack I used was one I borrowed since I didn’t have my own. It bruised my hip quite a lot. I want to get my own one but I have no idea where I can find the best advice on what to get. I live in JHB. Where can I get fitted etc? Any help would be appreciated.

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