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  1. Guys are playing with fire. No ropes, chain route, pitons etc. 1 slip and you dead. I have done my scrambling around table mountain, nothing compares to what you guys are doing, but have had a few slips. Luckily no falls. Grab a bush or branch for anchoring and it suddenly comes loose.

    Think it’s a bit irresponsible what you guys are doing. You putting your lives at serious risk, if something happens then others will have to risk their lives to get to you. Without ropes and proper anchoring we just looking at not ‘ìf’ but ‘when’ one of you is going to fall. Even the very best use anchoring and I really don’t think you two fit into the category of professional, rock/alpine climbers. I have been to the alps many times and you will never see someone ignoring all safety rules no matter how good they think they are.

    Looks cool on video, people will always try stuff if you tell them not but I really think ignoring all safety rules like this is not cool at all.

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