5-Day Hikes

High Five Hiking Trail

Beauty: 4 (of 5) Difficulty (fitness): 6/10 Technical rating of trail: Standard trail walking, with short sections of steep inclines and declines and a few ladders. Duration: 2 – 5 days The High Five Hiking Trail, previously the […]

6 Days or More

Tsitsikamma Trail

The third jewel in the crown of multi-day hiking trails in the Garden Route. The Tsitsikamma Trail is a great alternative if the Otter Trail or Outeniqua Trail isn’t available. Beauty: 3.5/5 – Large sections […]

4-Day Hikes

Chokka Trail

Since the 1960’s when hiking was introduced to South Africa, there has been a fundamental change in its emphasis, from the original idea of lumping all your belongings and food along in your backpack until […]

6 Days or More

The Kruger Trail

This is the ultimate South African wilderness trail!  Backpack the length of Kruger National Park! Distance: 600 km plus, divided into six legs Beauty: 5/5 Difficulty (fitness): 8/10 (This is a challenging trail due to […]