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Have you hiked a trail recently that you think other people will enjoy? Why not write a trail review for Hiking South Africa.

Include a descriptive summary of the trail’s overall character, distinct features (e.g. lots of waterfalls, amazing rock formations, etc.), distance from nearest major town or city, total distance and amount of days it takes to complete the trail.

A rough description of the trail is always helpful: What are the trail conditions? Swim spots? Amenities? If it is a multi-day hike, break the descriptions up per day. Short paragraphs, descriptive, to the point. What made the hike special for you? Any highlights?

Send your best photos! Nothing makes people want to do a trail like an epic photo. Please rename the photos in the following format (this is just an example): otter-trail-oakhurst-huts or cederberg-welbedacht-cave

End your trail report with a closing “conclusion” about the trail and what it’s like to hike it.

How long should it be?

Length-wise, here’s a guideline for the suggested maximum number of words:
1-day: 400 to 600
2-day: 600 to 800
+ 200 for each extra day

Rate the Trail

  • State the total distance of the trail.
  • Add a “Beauty” rating out of 5: 5 = Absolute pristine magic; 1 = Not worth the effort
  • Add a difficulty rating out of 10 that gives an indication of the fitness and strength required to hike the route: Easy (1-2), Moderate (3-5), Difficult (6-8), Extreme (9-10). Also, give a short explanation why you’re giving it this rating.
  • Add a technical rating based on the guide below:
    • 1) Walk
    • 2a) Scramble – Slide down/climb up a steep slope
    • 2b) Scramble – Use hands for support
    • 2c) Scramble – “Walk-though” river crossings
    • 3a) Climb – Ropes/chains required to hold on to
    • 3b) Climb – Trails run near edge or scary heights
    • 3c) “Swim-through” River Crossings also fall under category of “climb”
    • 3d) Climb – High/dangerous unprotected bridges and ladders
    • 4) Rock climb. (With aid of technical equipment)

Here is an example of a rating for the Outeniqua trail:
Distance: 108km
Beauty: 4.5 (of 5)
Difficulty (fitness): 7/10 (Difficult i.e. need to be fit/strong)
Technical rating of trail: 1 (walking), with 2c due to the river crossings.

We might edit or modify any submitted work if we feel it reads/looks better, but you will be given full credit as the author. If you’d like to, feel free to submit a photo of yourself with a short “bio” telling us a bit about yourself. This will display at the bottom of the trail review.

Send through your trail review to Please include your name and surname.

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