Video: Hiking the Fish River Canyon

People often ask what it’s like hiking the Fish River Canyon and it’s always hard to some up the wonder and beauty, combined with the harshness of the desert and the surreal experience of walking “underground” for 5 days.

Here are three videos about hiking the Fish River Canyon, capturing three different experiences. Enjoy!

Adventure, beauty, and a lot of sand in your shoes.

Mathias Ulrich beautifully captures the joy of hiking the Fish River Canyon, as well as the joy of an ice cold beer and ice cream at the end!


This video by Mark Dixon does a great job at capturing that unique canyon experience…

Tired, hot, but oh so happy…

Chris Chaves captures that feeling of long, slow, hot days with his slightly vintage, indy-looking video.

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  1. I did the Fish approximately 10 years ago. What an experience. Once you have accomplished it, you want to go again and again. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get a large enough group together since then. The second problem is that the school holidays seem to fall at the wrong time for the Fish.

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