First Ascent Manufacturing Medical Masks to Help Fight Covid-19

In what has certainly been a challenging past 11 days, not only for South Africa but for the entire world, the demand for Medical Masks has risen drastically as South African Health Services tackle the spread of the Covid-19 Virus.

On the 24th of March with the 21-day National Lockdown looming, First Ascent immediately opened discussions with various medical services and suppliers to find a way in which to assist with the manufacturing of face masks for medical personnel around the country.


After having received certified mask fabric from an accredited medical supplier, the First Ascent Manufacturing Facility, which is located in Cape Town and usually used for the production of locally manufactured First Ascent garments, was turned into an Essential Service Supplier. With the dedication of the First Ascent staff, the factory has remained open throughout the lockdown period.


Production of the masks began immediately as a skilled team of First Ascent pattern makers, cutters, machinists, and packers assembled and have been working tirelessly around the clock for the past 11 days, producing thousands of masks which are being delivered to medical facilities around the country as they come off the production line.



As South Africa continues the fight against the spread of Covid-19, First Ascent will be ramping up production of masks throughout the lockdown period and beyond and will continue to utilise their manufacturing facility and workforce to explore further ways in which to assist in the continued fight against Covid-19.

This article was originally posted on First Ascent’s website.

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