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    Green Flag Trails

    Fear of the unknown is the single largest reason for people to “rather stay at home”, than venture into nature. Tourists want reassurance. Thus, hotels are star graded, beaches are awarded Blue Flag status, and [...]
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    Drakensberg Passes | Pins Pass

    Pass name: Pins Pass Region: Mnweni, Norther KZN Drakensberg Distance from the parking to the top: 22km Difficulty: Extreme (10)* Scenery: Spectacular! Route type: No trail, a bit of boulder hopping Risks: While there is nothing [...]
  • fire-maple-fire-fleet-cover-shot-4
    Gear Reviews

    Review: Fire Maple Fire-FLEET Stove

    The Fire Maple Fire-FLEET stove (FMS-118) is a trimmed down version of the FMS-105. At 91g lighter (37% weight reduction), it is a great option for those who love the stability of a fuel line-fed [...]
  • Djedi-Dome_MG-5
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    The Quest for the Ultimate Dome Tent

    The new short documentary ‘The Quest for the Ultimate Dome Tent’ features Jotaro Yoshida, the founder and designer of Locus Gear. His Djedi Dome tent is a result of four years of development, making it [...]
  • Drakensberg Passes

    Drakensberg Passes | Bannerman Pass

    Pass name: Bannerman Pass Region: Giants Castle Nature Reserve, Central KZN Drakensberg Distance from the parking to the top: 15km Difficulty: Extreme (3)* Scenery: Average for a Drakensberg Pass, i.e. exceptional by normal standards Route [...]


Multi-day Hiking Checklist

We’ve created a Multi-day Hiking Checklist to help you pack for your next adventure. It’s specific enough that you’ll have everything you need, but feel free to chop ‘n change to your own taste and [...]

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